What Are Types Of Candle Wick?

One of the most critical aspects of making handmade candles is selecting the correct wick! The candle’s wick is what keeps the flame burning by collecting candle wax vapour as the wax is heated. So, a good wick will keep your flame burning evenly and for an extended period! We felt it would be beneficial to have a reference with candle wick information all in one spot because there are so many different types of candle wicks.

How To Select One?

Almost all candle wicks fit into one of three categories. First, we have flat wicks, which are the most common form of candle wicks. These are typically constructed of three bundles of fibre braided together and burn quite consistently. They also curl in the flame, creating a self-trimming look. Then there are square wicks, which are frequently braided or crocheted. These may curve in the flame, but they are more rounded than flat wicks and will withstand clogging better. Finally, cored wicks employ a core substance around the braided wick to hold it upright. These wicks feature a spherical cross-section and employ various materials to maintain the wick upright, such as cotton, paper, zinc, or tin.

Why Is Your Candle Wick Mushrooming?

Mushrooming is a problem that can occur as a result of using the incorrect size wick. This is when a layer of carbon builds up on your wick, forming a mushroom-like structure. If the wick is too huge for the container, your candle will burn far too quickly. This quick burning creates a large quantity of buildup in a short period, resulting in a mushrooming look.

Different Types Of Candle Wicks

Tunnelling is another issue that you may encounter. This occurs when the flame does not burn to the edges, leaving a ring around the perimeter. This not only wastes sections of your candle that could have been put to better use, but it can also make relighting difficult when the flame begins to fade. This can happen with the right-sized wick on occasion, but there are ways to avoid it. A memory burns, for example, and lengthier burns can ensure that all of the wax is consumed while the flame burns. A wick that is too tiny for your container, on the other hand, will tunnel regardless of what you do.

CD Candle Wicks Is One Type Of Candle Wick.

The CD Candle Wicks – 100 count are comprised of a flat cotton braid with a unique paper wrapped around it. This is ideal for a high flame since it provides the wick with great capillary action. This wick will also offer a cleaner burn, is self-trimming, and can be used in any type of wax. If you’re seeking the best wick for soy wax or vegetable wax, this is an excellent choice to consider!

Hemp Candle Wicks Is One Type Of Candle Wick.

The Hemp Candle Wicks- 100 counts are up next. These are braided wicks, similar to many candle wicks, however, they are made from natural hemp fibres rather than cotton fibres. This stiffens the wick, allowing it to stand on its own. Furthermore, these fibres help the candle wick to burn hotter. This wick is ideal for use with all candle waxes. Furthermore, this wick is another excellent option for those seeking the finest wick for soy wax!

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