Explained How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

If you want to give your house or HOA property a fresh new look, removing popcorn ceilings (also known as acoustic ceilings) is a terrific option. But how do you go about doing it, and how do you keep your interior painting project from taking over your home? Here’s what our skilled painters have to say about it.

What is the Procedure for Removing the Popcorn Ceiling?

When it comes to removing popcorn ceilings as part of an HOA or home painting project, here’s how we do it:

1. Start with a Scrape Test: Using a scraper, some of the “popcorn” finish will come off right away. To observe how quickly it comes off, test a tiny area. If you can’t get the texturing to come off-dry, try soaking it, If it doesn’t work, it’s likely that the popcorn finish was combined with paint and that removing it will be a time-consuming task.

2. Asbestos Testing: Asbestos testing is a required first (or second) step. Any asbestos paint will need to be removed by a professional.

3. Protect Fixtures and Surfaces: To completely remove popcorn ceilings from your home, you’ll probably need a lot of water. Water must be sprayed, then soaked and dripped during this procedure. During scraping, debris falls. To get the job done without a lot of extra labor to solve the problems caused by water and ceiling flecks, you’ll need to vacate the area, cover lights, and remove fixtures.

4. Protect Your Investment in a Valuable Electrical System: Protecting your investment in a valuable electrical system requires covering everything electrical.

5. Wet the Ceiling Entirely: To successfully remove the popcorn coating, the ceiling must be completely wet and thoroughly soaked.

6. Scrape until Smooth: After soaking the ceiling thoroughly, scrape it smooth to eliminate the popcorn covering.

7. Clean Up: Your popcorn ceiling removal project may leave a mess, but that’s to be expected. Cleanup will be much easier if it was well contained, to begin with.

8. Make a painting plan: Painting smooth ceilings is a lot easier. After you’ve eliminated the roughness, you can start planning your painting project.

How to Remove the Popcorn Ceiling Correctly

Using these procedures, you may make your popcorn ceilings. However, without expert painters on your crew, your chances of making costly blunders like gouging and otherwise ruining ceiling surfaces are higher.

Another advantage of hiring house painters to remove acoustic ceilings is their project management expertise. Before, during, and after popcorn ceiling removal, they know how to examine, test, prep, and repair ceilings.

As part of our extensive list of interior painting services, Trico Painting offers acoustic ceiling removal. We understand how frightening these projects may be, so we’ll do everything we can to make them as stress-free as possible.

We have the containment, surface prep, and cleanup experience to remove popcorn ceilings fast and completely, whether you require a commercial painters or an HOA painter. And we’ll make sure your ceilings are ready for the following step: a fresh coat of paint to restore the look of your ceilings and the entire room.

Remove popcorn ceilings as soon as possible. Request a textured ceiling removal estimate from San Diego painting company today. We’ll complete the job right the first time, so all you’ll have after your project is a beautiful ceiling.

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