A Brief History About Chandeliers and How People Used It in The Early Years

When we talk about chandeliers, all they would resemble is power, class, and luxury. This has been the same for centuries when only rich and powerful people would use it as a decorative piece to show off to people entering their place. Whether it was a palace, castle, or any other royal place.

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History of Chandeliers

The word chandelier originates from the French word “chandelle” which means candle. It is made of two simple designs like a wooden beam that is forming a cross and it has candles (which were made of animal fats) placed at their end. It was the good quality material that is used to make this candle that makes it so expensive and that is the reason why only wealthy people could afford to use it.

It was firstly used in the 9th century in Europe by a church and later was seen in many palaces and castles. The designs and the material used to make them kept on improving with time. Then by the 15th century, it was seen made of gold glided and was found in many of wealthy people’s homes. 

The working people started to make use of chandeliers in the 16th and 17th centuries, but they made use of materials like wood, wrought iron, or tin. Apart from this, the most expensive chandeliers i.e.  the rock crystal ones were made during this century, but only a few could afford to buy them. The most popular crystal chandeliers placed on silver metals were also made during this time. 

By the end of the 18th century, chandeliers had incorporated the style of ancient Greek and Roman neoclassical motifs. Lead crystals were also produced during this time as they were available at a cheaper rate leading to their popularity. They looked beautiful and transparent and could have been shaped very easily. 

By the 19th century, people were fond of using gas as an artificial form of light. So, instead of candles, the makers started to create gasoliers. Then came the introduction of electricity and we could see electric chandeliers everywhere. 


Though chandeliers are not a status symbol anymore, you will still find modern chandeliers in many of the rich and famous people’s places. It is still popular as it was centuries ago and you will find it in different styles and materials.

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